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Yukke Roswenda Rose, better known as Yucca Rose, is a noted jazz vocalist and contemporary painter from Malang in East Java, where she was born on June 21th, 1979. To further her musical career, she moved to Jakarta to study at Elfa Music Studio and Institut Music Daya Indonesia. Over the last eight years, she performed with a wide variety of jazz bands and musicians, and recorded an album with the Jakarta based band “Major Seventh” (published by Disc Tarra Indonesia). She now writes her own material, which will be released on her upcoming first solo album later this year.


Yucca Rose recently appeared in a leading role as actress, vocalist and announcer in the Cirque Du Soleil style theatrical show “Regalia - The Enchanted Forest” at the Bali Theatre (Bali Safari and Marine Park) with stunning live performances on May 14th, 2011 and the Gala on June 4th, 2011. For this show, she is also credited as Costume/Stage Designer and Artistic Co-Director.


Her company Rose Entertainment develops high-end theatrical shows, contemporary and traditional art festivals / showcases as well as music events for her upscale clientele. (W-Hotel, Hyatt, etc.)


As a highly regarded contemporary painter and designer, Yucca Rose still finds the time to paint - constantly adding to her extensive collection of artwork - to be displayed later this year in exhibitions in Jakarta and Bali.






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  •  yuccarose wrote 1789 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Welcome to my painting and artwork page.
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    love your work.. thanks for joining mota
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